Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Its been a while but Ive been busy! See:

Two new designs for my lil'etsy shop! So cute, even if I do say so myself :)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I finally put two of my cards on Etsy. Sweet but simple ones. I really enjoyed making them. I dont have allot of materials yet so just made the best out of what I had. Hope you like them? :)

This one was inspired by a young friend of mine, who will soon be getting her exam results, she is sure to at lease get A's or A* for everything! She is such a smart girl.

This one, is just because I have soooooo many lovely friends, I am ever writing 'Thank you' cards!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

So I have decided as I cant buy any I like in the shops (that are a good price) I shall make my princesses a shrug each, but we are not talking your run of the mill shrug, I mean a crocheted, colourful lil'number with crocheted lace around the edges. I found a lovely pattern that I like:


Friday, 27 July 2012

 I have reached a new level of happiness recently, with my new found love of crafting! I have always been an arty person, having an A*in both art, design and photography. Once children came along though my love of art took a back seat.

  Very recently my beautiful friend Em introduced me to crochet and from there scrap booking and all things crafty! I am loving it, enjoying it soooo much, its awoken my creative side in such a huge way that I can't sleep at night as my brain is on the point of exploding with creative ideas and brain waves!
I really am enjoying myself and feel myself being filled with creativity once again, not only that but I feel I am finding myself again. I think most mummys will agree with me that when you have children you lose a bit of yourself in becoming a mum.

 Em also advised me that 'Craft seller' Magazine was a great read, so on my way home from her house I dropped into my local Tesco and purchased my first copy of this totally inspirational magazine.This magazine is aimed at people who are looking to start selling their makes and set themselves up a little business. Hmm the cogs start turning in my rusty nappy brain. 'I could do this too'! Maybe not for a business, but as you cant possibly keep all your makes, a little money back for more supplies and to keep me going for future makes would be awesome! My hunky husband thought this was a grand idea indeed, hence 'Shaggychicdog' was born. (This name I owe all my thanks to my lovely and incredibly supportive husband).

I then opened my own Etsy shop 
I have already stocked it with a few of my little lovelies. 

Meet Dexter the robot!

Bella the ballerina bunny!

 The thing with all this craft making is that my ideas just cant stop! I find myself thinking 'Oh, I should try that, I can do that too. Oh, thats a great idea' so I have had to rein myself in a bit as I have neither the time nor money to complete all my brain waves at one. So at this point I think a scrap book or a inspiration book comes in handy. Every time I get a great idea I pop it in the book so that I can come to it again in time.

Dexter has a little story behind him, I was making him for my Esty shop and my little dude (5year old son) woke up in the night not feeling well, when I say in the night I mean about 11pm! He caught me making Dexter up and stitching him together and asked if he cold keep him. How could I resist letting my little dude cuddle him up and keep him when he felt so unwell? *Sigh I'll just make a new one for my Esty shop.